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My Body, My Yoga Classes

Our classes support every lifestyle and need. We offer a variety of days, times, and length of classes.

All of our movement practices get your body moving in a safe and supportive way. 

Please register at least three hours in advance of the class you wish to take by texting me 306-302-3463

or hitting the "register online" button.

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  • Slow hot mat based yoga.

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    1 hr

  • Yoga fused with weights, HITT & Barre.

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  • Incorporate strength-based fitness program two times a week.

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    1 hr

  • Stay strong and healthy as you age with this fitness series!

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    45 min

Studio Etiquette

  • Pre-book your sessions before noon.

  • Pre-book by registering through the app.

  • If you are joining us for the first time, please arrive a few minutes early to complete a waiver.

  • Must be at least 16 years of age to practice. 

  • Stay home to rest if you are not feeling well.

  • Silence your cell phone.

  • Remove your footwear before entering the studio.

  • Store your belongings in the lockers in the studio space.

  • Practice silence in the studio space so you can relax from your day.

  • Visit in the community market before or after class.

  • Listen to your body and only take the practice to where you feel comfortable. Every yogi is different.

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