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Energy Work

Private Energy Work Yoga

Activate and balance the body's natural healing energies using techniques from acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and yoga. Learn to heal your body through a daily energy movement routine.

45 min session - $30

Sound Therapy

& Energy Healing

Boost your vitality and stamina, strengthen your immune system, relieve pain, sharpen your memory, and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit using techniques from Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, Chakracology, Rahanni, and Reiki.

45 min session - $75

Access Bars

Access Bars are a set of thirty-two points on the head. These points hold the key to our mental and emotional stressors. Using a light touch, Bars treatment can help release physical and mental blockages, relieving distress and immediately improving quality of life. A Bars session can support healing with anxiety, depression, migraines, panic attacks, lack of motivation, or insomnia.

45 min session - $65


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Available Fridays, 24-hour cancellation notice required.

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